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March 2016

Review: Memoria Press Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set

My middle two kiddos are bored with their current reading curriculum. They've been begging me to let them abandon their readers and use "real books" instead since the holiday break. They were both thrilled when Memoria Press sent us the entire... Continue Reading →

Review: Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition

The kids and I have been using Essentials 2nd Edition (Volume 1) from Logic of English for the past six weeks or so in place of our usual language arts curriculum. When I first opened the box from the company I was a bit... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Moment of the Week

Poetry tea time is our family's favorite homeschool lifestyle practice adapted from Brave Writer. Even my boys love poetry tea time and the little one begs for "poetry but not tea" every day. I must admit that I totally bribed... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Easter Weekend

Thursday afternoon we left for western Kentucky so the kids could participate in the Hymn Fest with their piano teacher. We returned home just a few hours ago. I'm tired. There is lightening and thunder outside. Just pictures for this... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Momentarily Astray

Some weeks are great and everything goes as planned. But not this week. I cannot say that it was a terrible week but time and plans ended up in disarray. The first couple of days were fine. The kids got... Continue Reading →

This Week in Books

The heart and soul of our homeschool is literature and poetry. We spend two hours every morning immersed in books followed by another half hour of free-read time. We also devote one afternoon a week to the study and appreciation... Continue Reading →

Review: Demme Learning’s Math-U-See

For the past month and a half my oldest has been using Demme Learning's Math-U-See Pre-Algebra student texts and Digital Packs. I felt fortunate when we received the opportunity for this review since Oldest needed a new math curriculum for his... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Hint of Spring

Our week was pleasant, filled with sunny days and rain. We took nearly every possible opportunity to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and watch the grass turn a bit greener. We noticed the arrival of the robins and daffodils.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Plans, Poets and Dreams

We are approaching the final run of our academic year. Our pile of books we've plowed through is dwindling. The finish line is in view. The convention is fast approaching and so it is time for me to plan our... Continue Reading →

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