20160322_133318 (480x640)Poetry tea time is our family’s favorite homeschool lifestyle practice adapted from Brave Writer. Even my boys love poetry tea time and the little one begs for “poetry but not tea” every day. I must admit that I totally bribed my kids into loving poetry with sweet treats and a lovely table scape.

We’ve been practicing poetry tea time for about eight months now. Even during our move this year we kept up with the practice. At first my children just loved the sweets, fancy table and lit candle. Over time, however, they found their passion for poetry…for beautiful words woven together 20160301_150111 (640x480)sometimes delightful and other times heartbreaking. Poetry is raw, a distilled expression in the artistry of language…purer than prose. This time together is the heartbeat of our homeschool lifestyle and even when we take a break from formal schooling we still meet together for poetry tea time on Tuesday afternoons.

20160119_110853 (480x640)We are not the only one’s who love this practice. There is a lovely tribe coming together through Brave Writer. We share, support and encourage one another. What I love the most about this group is that we accept one another…right where we are: secular, (whatever) faith, die-hard Classical to radically free unschoolers and everything in between.

Brave Writer is launching a Poetry Tea Time website tomorrow. If you are interested in bringing this practice into your home (you do 10426641_10154158296571677_5832690252100749541_nnot have to be a homeschooler!!!) then all the information and inspiration you need will be available in abundance on the site.

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