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April 2016

Sunday Journal: Low Ebb and Dreams

Nearly all of my free time this week was spent in pre-planning. I have a freewrite list of ideas for this summer and our upcoming year. A hopeful list of wishes full of mommy-school pipe dreams. Every year I have... Continue Reading →

TOSReview Crew: Apologia Educational Ministries’ Writers in Residence

When I first decided to educate my children at home, Debra Bell was the first "homeschooling expert" I heard speak during an online conference. She is very humorous and encouraging in her talks. Naturally, I was excited to have the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Spring’s Return, Retreats and Boots

The past week was rather lazy for us. Productive but lazy. I slept in every single day. We started school about an hour later than usual each day and even indulged in our read aloud time a bit longer too.... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: Joan of Arc to the Philosopher’s Stone

After our delightful study of the Canterbury Tales with Beautiful Feet Books we started studying Joan of Arc and The One Hundred Years' War between France and England. The story of St. Joan is so very sad. My children were not familiar with... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Planning, Illness and more Traveling

Sparkles spent several days in bed last week with an illness. The boys worked on their individual subjects and Sparkles just slept the days away. Since we didn't have group subjects to do most of the week I managed to... Continue Reading →

Kentucky History

We prefer a literature and project based approach to history. I could not find a curriculum that meets our needs so I'll be putting together my own. Over the next few months or so I will be updating this page... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Adventures in Travel

The last couple of weeks were busy. We traveled to western Kentucky last weekend for the kid's Hymn Fest piano recital. We visited with friends and some family members during our stay. Visiting our former church was a highlight for... Continue Reading →

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