My daughter loves to read mythology. I knew she would be delighted to try out D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths Set from Memoria Press. I was delighted to see that Memoria Press provides a study guide to accompany D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek DAulaires-Greek-Myths_zps41kctrttMyths. Personally, I believe that all children should have unlimited access to any book written by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire. I wish I had been exposed to these books during my childhood. I love the D’Aulaire books for several reasons: they are well written, beautifully illustrated and designed for children. In plainer language, the explicit details of the…affairs…of the gods and goddesses are glossed over a bit. Anyway, you can read through this book with your kids and not have to worry about explaining “the birds and the bees” to your 20160517_184217 (480x640)nine-year old. My daughter loved the book so much she carried it around everywhere and has read it about three times in the past seven weeks or so.

The D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths Set is part of the third grade curriculum for classical studies from Memoria Press. The workbook is designed to be used with grades three through six. The student workbook and teacher guide divides the book into twenty-five lessons. Drawing pages and review lessons are scattered within as well as a final exam. Each lesson begins with the pages to read from the text, facts to know  and vocabulary questions. These were followed by comprehension 20160516_101937 (480x640)questions and activities. The activities mostly involved going back through he text and to identify items and individuals and filling out a list of facts to know in the back of the student workbook. Other questions were for comparing and contrasting Biblical stories and Greek myths, drawing activities (my daughter’s favorite!), memorization exercises, and deeper discussion questions. Some of these questions are ideal for composition assignments. Reference maps, pronunciation guide, drill questions and lists are in the back of the back of the student workbook.

20160517_183952 (480x640)The teacher’s guide is a replica of the student workbook with the answers filled in. The guide also has reproducible exams along with the answer keys. The front of the guide contains very informative instructions on how to use the guide and integrate the workbook into memory work, copywork, vocabulary, spelling and handwriting practice. The guide also includes an informative essay on why we should study Greek myths today.

20160517_184443 (480x640)The set also comes with flash cards. The cards are numbered to the corresponding lesson in the student workbook. The cards contain the information that Memoria Press feels the student needs to remember from the course and relates to the list of 100 questions in the back of the book. They are an excellent review tool. The teacher’s guide does not mention the flash cards or how to use them. So, when I went to the homeschool convention last month I had the opportunity to discuss the use of the flash cards with an associate at their booth. 20160516_101951 (480x640)The people at Memoria Press have always been very friendly anytime I’ve had a question about their curriculum either in person or through email.

My daughter enjoyed working through the workbook and loved the D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths. I told her she didn’t have to finish the workbook since I would be posting this review but she has enjoyed the study so much (and the one on one time with me) that she wants to finish the course. That is the best recommendation I can offer!

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