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June 2016

Sparkles Update

Today we got the tough news that Sparkles' last results came back abnormal. This means she will have to undergo an exploratory procedure requiring anesthesia for a diagnosis. This will happen in August. We are heart broken over here. Thank... Continue Reading →

Art Project for Brave Writer Retreat: God's Palette

My art project for the retreat is done. I am is hard. Our theme is "what does it mean to be good to me". Our canvas is a quilt square. Every woman attending the retreat is expected to personally... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Sparkles and the Specialist

This past week was mostly a quiet week with one really long day. On Tuesday we met with the specialist to discuss Sparkles' illness. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but after filling out reams of paperwork... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Waiting, Inspiration and Something Beautiful

I'm not really sure how to describe this past week. In some ways the days were really good and other moments were not so pleasant. The tougher moments this week involved observing Sparkles trying to come to terms with her... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Doctors and the Computer Interface Misappropriation

Monday morning was horrible. Sometime during the night Microsoft stole Windows 7 and replaced it with Windows 10. WTF Bill Gates??? What a dreadful thing to do on a Monday! Well...any day of the week, really. I am not happy... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: The Week Summer Plans Changed

We greeted June in the emergency room. Emergency comes from the Latin meaning "to arise" or "bring to light". The symbolic beauty of the word's origin is obscured today. The word seems ugly to me and does not flow well off the... Continue Reading →

My Sleeping Beauty—Prayer Request

Last night was spent in the ER with our daughter. Scary, scary words... The doctor sent her home late last night with pain meds, antibiotics and an order for an immediate appointment with a physician so she can be referred... Continue Reading →

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