The child is only truly educated who can use his hands as truly as his head, for to neglect one part of our being injures the whole…    –Charlotte Mason

To neglect one part of our being injures the whole… There is more to life than intellectual and monetarily productive pursuits. I think we were designed to be creative beings. God created a magnificent awe-inspiring universe (or a multi-verse as I’ve learned recently). He also made us with a creative spirit and I think we harm our very souls when we fail to engage in any creative endeavor. I’ve denied that part of myself for a long while but this year I have slowly started trying new things and setting challenges for myself.

Over the past couple of weeks I learned to knit two hats. I’ve always wanted to learn to knit ever since I was little watching my grandmother make socks.

The first hat I made is a stretch beanie that barely fits Littlest. For Sparkles I made a pink lacy slouch hat and managed to get it finished in time for her birthday. I’m currently working on a scarf too. The scarf is so full of mistakes and several dropped stitches but I like the grungy lived-in look of it.