“A black moon is on the rise tonight.” I read that sentence earlier today. I’m not exactly sure what it means but it is kinda odd and catchy. The rest of the article was full of end-time predictions that not even Mulder on his quest for finding the truth out there could discern. I know we have a second new moon this month, for those of us on this part of the planet anyway. I guess the rest of you will get your black moon in October… and some on Halloween. Seems cool…black moon on Halloween. If you are into that sort of holiday.

I’m really not into Halloween. The kids like the free candy and I like to pick through the chocolate.

While the writer of the article is anticipating the apocalypse, I am not…exactly. I am expecting an interesting evening. My daughter is finally well enough to have a friend over for a sleepover. She missed the big sleepover during the summer when she was so ill. She is beyond excited! I never had a friend sleepover and my parents did not let me stay over with friends until the high school years. The first time I ever experienced sitting down at a dinner table and engaging in prayer before eating was at a friend’s house; a vivid and startling experience. They invited me to church quite often afterward.

Middle Boy is off to a sleepover tonight too with his buddy up the block. His friend’s mother is brave. She is hosting several boys. My husband and oldest are off to western Kentucky to check on the old house and work in the yard a bit. I’ll be hanging out with Littlest and trying to stay out of the girls’ way while they watch movies and such.

I have a fever. Not a high one. I just keep alternating sweats and chills with some light-headedness thrown in. I thought about postponing the sleepover but I just could not disappoint my girlie after everything she has been through. Black moon or not, I am sure it won’t be the end of times.

On another note that sentence also triggered CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” on an endless loop

in my head

…all day.

Goes great with a fever.