I took this picture the day my grandpa died

When I was a little girl my favorite place in the whole world was my grandfather’s tractor. I would hold on to the back of the rusty seat, leather worn to steel in most places. One hand grasping the back of my grandpa’s seat the other holding onto the one rear light. I loved to stand looking backwards watching the blades cut hay or the bailer. The big wheels endlessly turning, throwing clods of dirt, the earthy smell of grass and sunlight. The best moments of my childhood were right here…on the back of my grandpa’s tractor watchin’ the wheels go round…smellin’ the dirt and covered in it.

Clarence Audria John Tractor ride (640x557).jpg
with Grandpa, my brother and the tractor



via Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


For this challenge, show us what nostalgia means to you — perhaps a moment or scene that makes you feel wistful, happy, sad, or somehow longing for the past. It might be with friends, family, or by yourself — anywhere, anytime of year. We can’t wait to see your interpretations of this theme!