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November 2016

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week and a Little Before

We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year. No traveling, no visiting.  My husband got up early to get the smoker going for the turkey and I started cooking. We watched Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the dog show afterward.... Continue Reading →

Writing: Sparkles

Part of the Brave Writer lifestyle is weekly freewriting on a variety of topics. Sometimes we use prompts and other times the kids have their own ideas. After eight weeks (or whenever I bother to remember) the kids all choose one of their freewrites... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Rough

Some weeks just do not turn out as expected. Monday I overslept. That really isn't a catastrophe since we homeschool and I do not have a clock-in time. Despite the late start the kids completed their school work and we... Continue Reading →

Photojournal: Along the Elkhorn

Yesterday, we explored the banks of the Elkhorn Creek down from our home. The weather dried up several weeks ago so we were able to walk further than in previous visits. Sparkles and Middle Boy walked ahead while Littlest and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Candy Night, Creek Walks and the Resume

Monday night the younger three dressed up and went trick-or-treating with their Dad through the neighborhood. The evening was unusually warm so Oldest and I sat outside and passed out candy to the two dozen or so kiddos that came... Continue Reading →

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