20161108_083629-640x470Some weeks just do not turn out as expected.

Monday I overslept. That really isn’t a catastrophe since we homeschool and I do not have a clock-in time. Despite the late start the kids completed their school work and we watched a documentary about…something. I must not have committed it to memory since I was engaged in a knitting project.

My husband and I went to vote together on Tuesday evening and then out to dinner. I wasn’t excited over the election and avoided most social media for the day. My sweetie and I chatted 20161110_185656-480x640about it for a bit over dinner but talked more about the kids. We tucked the kids into bed, watched a little television and went to sleep. I wasn’t interested in watching the election results.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. My husband was still awake and informed me that our new president was Trump. Now, that was not what I was expecting. I was also too sick to really care. The kids managed to work through their math and writing lessons with minimal help from me. I mostly slept threw the next two days..

Last week one of my cousins committed suicide. His funeral was on Wednesday. We’ve been out of touch for years but the news left me in a somber mood. Veteran’s Day was also this week and I will always remember it as the day my brother called me before attempting to kill 20161113_152922-480x640himself. My heart and thoughts were heavy.

I sent my application in for the writing job last night and immediately felt ill about it. I would really enjoy being a writing coach. I’m really nervous that someone I respect will be judging my writing…judging me. I’m terrified of coming up short. I set out to be brave this year. I think brave is just another word for terrified.

The entire week was not entirely covered with emotionally dark clouds. Frankfort kicked off the start of the holiday season with the Candlelight Tradition. We walked around downtown listening to Christmas music, enjoying yummy cookies and donuts from a bakery, and watching the lighting of the Christmas tree in front of the Old Capitol. We listened to a military band play 20161110_193610-640x480marches and spirituals in a Dixie-Jazz style. Later, someone requested cartoon music so we enjoyed selections from The Simpsons, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Animaniacs, and others. The moment was one of those brief but really nice, care-free experiences. Today we went downtown to watch The Polar Express at the Grand. The two youngest ones wore their pajamas but only Littlest went to meet Santa Clause. I felt wistful.