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December 2016

Reflecting Brave

I chose to focus on being brave in 2016. I had no idea what a bloody beating this year had in store for our family. It would be easy for me to rehash all the hurt and trauma we've been... Continue Reading →

Book Rut

I've been stuck in a book rut lately. The same type of books, subjects and authors just keep coming home with me from the library. I like my book rut but maybe it is time to expand some of my... Continue Reading →

Christmas Journal

Last week went by in a blur. Other than Christmas Day the days were fairly even and mostly pleasant. On Monday I went to the Post Office to mail some packages and Christmas cards. The kids and I spent the... Continue Reading →

Writing: Oldest’s End of Year Letter

Oldest spent a couple of weeks working on an end of year letter for his writing assignment. For me it was interesting to see the events this year from his point of view and heartwarming that he still thinks of... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Winding Down and Gearing Up

Monday marked another year around the sun for me. The kids and I put in a few hours of school together. We read and worked on some Brave Writer projects. Oldest is writing an end of year letter, Sparkles is... Continue Reading →

Turning Forty-Four

Today I am forty-four. I did not realize it was my birthday until I noticed there were messages on my phone telling me so. I then had to do a little math to figure out my age. Math is hard... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: It’s Been Two Weeks

Well, it has been two weeks since I posted a weekly journal. We are not doing much in the homeschool at the moment. Everyone is wrapping up topics and chapters before the break. I'll have to spend a bit of time... Continue Reading →

Christmas Card

Getting a lovely picture of the kiddos for the family Christmas card is proving to be challenging this year.

Writer’s Block

Sitting down to write out our weekly life moments has always been cathartic for me. Emotions need purging and I've generally been successful in doing so with a weekly post on the ordinariness of my insignificant existence. I have found... Continue Reading →

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