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September 2017

Ordinary Moments Journal: Birthday Time

Day twenty-four. Did I really say I was going to try to do this daily?!? Silly me. We have fourteen medical/dental/orthodontic appointments this month, Averill House Chemistry group, Adventure school, music lessons, a ZZ Top Concert, and the Wild+Free Conference.... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: 12

Day 19 I may not post everyday but I do at least think about what I would like to write about...mostly. My daughter turned twelve today. I feel so inept as a mother right now. She has so much freedom... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Going Supernova

Day sixteen. How is September half over already? I only worked four hours today but the time dragged. Today was my last day of training for my new position at work. Tomorrow I will get thrown into the crucible; the... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Diagnosis

Today, I was diagnosed with IBS-D. The diagnosis did not surprise me. I was hoping for some other curable issue though. He did tell me to add a probiotic and to find ways to reduce stress (exercise and meditation). He... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Poem

Day twelve Allergies kicked my butt yesterday and I went to bed early. Either I was outside too long or I am allergic to something in the Averill House where the Monday Homeschool group meets. Most likely a bit of... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments: New

Today I trained for my new position at work. My only reason for accepting the new tasks was the hope that I would get at least twenty hours in a work week. I am beginning to despair on that but... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Nature and Faith

Day nine of thirty. Today went by in a flash. I went to work. While selecting food in the potato chip aisle at work, "Where I Come From" by Montgomery Gentry began playing. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed.... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Prayer of Dance

Day eight after missing days six and seven. My daughter is currently heating up left overs in the microwave. Nothing extraordinary. The fun part about the moment is that she is dancing. She feels better now. She felt terrible most... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Hummingbird

Day five of thirty. I enjoy watching hummingbirds. We have feeders near our homeschool room window and by our pack porch window. For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to capture a shot of the Ruby Throated... Continue Reading →

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