Day one of thirty, capturing ordinary moments and phrases of my day.

I got up early this morning, a couple of hours before the sun rose. Boots joined me as I quietly made my way downstairs. She ran to the door and demanded that I let her out. She ran out as soon as the door opened despite the rain. The remnants of Harvey arrived deep in the night. As the sun makes its way down below the horizon the rain continues. More rain is expected tomorrow.

Boots quickly returned to the door and demanded I let her back inside. She had something to say about the rain. Since I do not speak “cat” the meaning of her utterances will remain a mystery. I finished making my chai and she went back upstairs. Later, I overheard Middle Boy telling Sparkles all about how her cold wet cat woke him in the middle of a nice dream.

I curled up in my favorite chair and watched the rainy morning arrive. I read Scripture passages and stilled my mind for meditation practice. This morning I prayed with my palms facing upward, resting on my lap. Just opening my self into a more receptive posture during prayer felt…my vocabulary fails me…I cannot describe the moment but I do not want to forget either.

Forgive me, Lord, where I have gone astray: guide me on the King’s highway. I repeated this prayer from the Psalter this morning. For some reason this antiphon has stuck in my mind all day. I made it my prayer, my mantra for the day.

I warmed up my cold chai and watch the hummingbirds until my household awoke.