Day eight after missing days six and seven.

My daughter is currently heating up left overs in the microwave. Nothing extraordinary. The fun part about the moment is that she is dancing. She feels better now. She felt terrible most of the day. Sometimes she gets very upset over her illness and wants to know why she has to hurt so much. I never really know what to say. “I love you and I am here for you”, doesn’t feel like much of an offering but those are the only words I have to give.

But right now she is dancing! A child’s dancing has always seemed to me to be a spontaneous prayer of celebration and praise of being to the Divine. I am too old and too self-conscience to dance like that…but sometimes when no one is around I might break into a little step or two.

I’ve slowly reintroduced myself to old spiritual practices. Small things that helped me remember to be more aware of the now. The past is no longer my own and the future never will be. I have only now, only this breath. Returning to daily journaling is one of the practices I intended to begin this week. I started today…several days later than planned. New habits are hard to establish. I also water-colored some impatients onto the page. The mornings are getting cooler and I know that one day soon I will step outside in the wee hours of the morning to find them all dead. Impatients are among my favorite flowers. I’m not sure that I’ll add a water-color to every day of the planner but it is a goal to work toward.