Day nine of thirty.

Today went by in a flash. I went to work. While selecting food in the potato chip aisle at work, “Where I Come From” by Montgomery Gentry began playing. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed. My husband and I were lucky enough to see them almost a year ago at a private concert for those who work in the bourbon industry. I stopped my work for a moment…not only to observe my own sadness but to pray for his family.

Last night I dreamed about making my own set of prayer beads. I’ve had it in my head to make a strand for about a month now so the dream isn’t all that unusual. The strange part for me is that I remember so much of the dream and the person who spoke to me. In my dream Sister Judith Ann told me how to string the beads and to use a blue cross as the central bead. She also told me to wear it on my wrist. I remember more instructions but…for now, I’m keeping them to myself. The dream has stayed with me all day. Sister Judith Ann was only ten years my senior and she died on September 8, 2003. If you put the dates together then you can see why I’m having trouble shaking the dream.

I’ve had the chills all day. Yes, I am going to make the prayer beads. I feel weird and exposed just sharing this part of the dream.

I feel the closest to God in nature…on a hike. We have not been on one as a family since Sparkles needed more home time due to her illness. I’ve had my own struggles this year that have kept me inside as well. And I’ll be inside for a while due to my ragweed allergies. This is the time of year I long to be outside.

“Love everything into which God has put life: and God made nothing dead. There is only less life in a stone than in a bird, and both have a life of their own, and both took their life from God. “–Edward Wilson of the Antarctic

I have always loved that quote from the explorer. And like him, I feel the closest to God when I am outside or studying the words of Jesus in the New Testament.