Day twelve

Allergies kicked my butt yesterday and I went to bed early. Either I was outside too long or I am allergic to something in the Averill House where the Monday Homeschool group meets. Most likely a bit of both. Today my nose is sore. I feel like I’ve been punched in the face.

I am not overjoyed to experience this time of year. Summer is fine but not the end of summer. Fall is nice but not in the early days. I will miss the flowers; they will return next year. A truly beautiful sight to me will be the first deep frost of fall. I’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors again, and breathe.

That day is a little over a month away. Sadness.

Today we followed the schedule I made for our schooling hours. It was a good day and much was accomplished.

most days are so ordinary

slipping by unnoticed

time’s river flows onward


an eddy counter-flows

and ordinary moments

shine bright