Today, I was diagnosed with IBS-D. The diagnosis did not surprise me. I was hoping for some other curable issue though. He did tell me to add a probiotic and to find ways to reduce stress (exercise and meditation). He also told me there were several types of diets I could try but since my current routine seems to be working he did not want me to make any sudden changes. Currently my digestive system is moving food through my system too quickly and any bit of stress only exacerbates the problem.

I guess I need to get zen with my world.

Tomorrow, the kids and I will make the drive to Louisville to meet with Sparkle’s doctor and dietitian. I truly dislike the bit of interstate between Frankfort and Louisville. Oldest will sit up front with me and help me navigate. Actually, I know the way by now, but he like to give me directions. I think we will watch a documentary once we get home because my nerves will be too frayed for any instructional schooling hours that may remain.