Day 19

I may not post everyday but I do at least think about what I would like to write about…mostly.

My daughter turned twelve today. I feel so inept as a mother right now. She has so much freedom to express herself; freedom I never had in childhood. We had our first yelling match the other night. I am pretty sure the men in the house were a bit concerned…some of them may have even been frightened. We were laughing together by the end of the evening and we joke about it now between us. But it was intense for a moment. I think she just needed to get bottled up emotions out. Puberty is hard. I was careful with my words and made sure that I said lots of kind things to her before leaving her room. My parents often said hurtful words to me, so I made sure that I did not speak anything hurtful. It was weird. I’m not sure why but I feel older.

Well , my family is ready to watch Wonder Woman. So I need to go upstairs and hang with my people.

I did finish my prayer beads today. I spent three days working on them, tying knots between each bead and reciting prayers for each knot.

Wonder Woman calls…