Sparkles birthday cake

Day twenty-four. Did I really say I was going to try to do this daily?!? Silly me. We have fourteen medical/dental/orthodontic appointments this month, Averill House Chemistry group, Adventure school, music lessons, a ZZ Top Concert, and the Wild+Free Conference. Adding in my part-time job and putting in thirty homeschool instructional hours each week feels a bit overwhelming. This month has been a busier than I prefer.

Oldest and Sparkles celebrated birthdays this week. Fourteen and twelve. When did I get old enough to have a fourteen year old?!

Well, I was going somewhere with that…but my mom called and I’ve lost the thought.

Work was brutal today. Normally, I would have been sick with stress on a day like today. Despite

Oldest’s birthday cake

the barely controlled chaos I kept calm. For me, that is saying something. Once I have everyone’s braces paid for I may just return home full-time. Depends on how the next few weeks play out. My manager asked me to step up to an assistant position and I agreed to the job change. However, she has scheduled me into a supervisor’s role…something I did not agree to. I have no respect for liars and manipulators; my manager is now amongst such ilk in my esteem.

Our last two medical appointments of the month occur this week along with the ZZ Top concert and the Wild+Free Conference. So, this week all of the kids are working on writing projects during their schooling hours. Oldest will devote himself to is 1500 word research paper on General Lee. Sparkles plans to produce a rough draft on her children’s book on how to survive an Ulcerative Colitis flare. Middle Boy is going to research the origins of Boonesborough with a paper and visual model. Littlest will just concentrate on his math and reading skills. He is currently writing a short story about stopping a hacker from ruining Geometry Dash games. I will be able to help them with their projects through Thursday morning. I am looking forward to seeing the end result of their work which will likely continue into next week.

On Thursday I will depart for Franklin, Tennessee for the Wild+Free Conference. I will finally meet with my sweet friend Camie. Whether the conference is everything it is hyped to be hardly matters to me at this point. I will finally meet my friend in person! I also learned this week that Rebecca of Beautiful Feet Books will be there too. I am excited to meet her too. Oldest told me that he wished he could meet her too–just so he could tell her how much he enjoyed learning about medieval history from her.

I have high expectations for this coming week…