The Factory in Franklin TN

The words and spirit of the conference are still seeping deep into my heart. My emotions changed wildly from one moment to the next. I wept bitter tears and soul-touched tears. Laughter poured loudly and my body could hardly contain my mirth in any properly dignified way.

Later, the talks will be released to us and I will pour over them, absorbing the wisdom. For now I just want to share favorite snippets and phrases that jolted my heart. And of course some photos too. I’ve been worried about the coming high school years. Can I successfully prepare my children for the “real-world”? Am I enough?

Of course my children already live in the real world. Did I leave high-school completely prepared

with my friend Camie

for higher education? No. Did I leave the university ready to work in the industry. Not at all. My children will not leave home completely prepared for the world. They will be just fine. They will make their own way. They are deeply and unconditionally loved by their Creator and their parents.

I left the conference remembering my own vision for home education. A vision whispered into my heart by my Creator. Over the years I’ve let the well-intended advice (and sometimes not always well-intended) of others chip away at my vision. I walked away from this conference with the resolve to cut away the views of others and return home.

I got to spend the weekend with my friend Camie. Meeting her and hugging her was wonderful. We had so much fun and laughed very hard at my inability

The always eloquent Rea Berg

to take a proper right or left turn. My favorite experience with her is that we can be quiet together without any awkwardness. We were comfortable together without feeling the need to fill the silent moments. That is friendship covered in awesome-sauce!

Quotes to ponder…

“My name is Brave One.”

True love and no strings attached. Remember the feeling.

“The light goes out in their eyes when they quit believing in unconditional love.”

“It’s organic!”

“The mom’s heart is the child’s classroom.” What is in my heart will be in their minds.

This bench!

“Tell my story well, live it well.” I am a created being. “Pass on a sense of destiny.”

“What do people love? To know they have a story to tell.”

“Instead of being overcome by darkness, light a candle.” Do not live by another’s standard.

All academic skills can wait until the high school years.

“Imagination is the only thing that is the source of all human achievement.”

“Chase the spark.”

Sharing a moment with Rebecca Berg. She is amazing wrapped in grace!

“Trials do not hurt my children. The attitude toward trials does.”

“A vision will cost you something.”

“Youth has the ability to see beauty.”

“Speak vision to our children.”

Nature and literature deepen empathy, imagination and wonder.

“What do I have in my hand? What gifts? Skills? Use what I have.”

“Return to joy.”

Take time. Trust the process. Uncover the treasure.

“The best way to get over insecurity is to encourage others.”

These are the words that spoke to me. Perhaps at a later time I can expound on them. The Wild+Free Conference was an amazing and uplifting experience. I wish every parent could attend.