the rainbow

Really! October! So soon!

This post is heavily influenced from the last of my wine from a jar that reads “always rum responsibly”. My wine glass is on the top shelf and I am just not in the mood to climb a stool to reach it…short person issue.

I am blissfully happy to say that I was off work today. The same is true for tomorrow. My boss pushed me into the supervisor role over the weekend. I was not willing to comply since I was not compensated for the role. Meaning, every

Sparkles and her kitty

time a major decision needed to be made I fetched the store manager. I doubt I’ll be put in charge of the department until sometime in the new year. My current plans are to save enough money to pay for Sparkles’ braces, bifocals for me, and a new vacuum cleaner. Once those are paid for I will consider leaving the workforce and returning home full-time. As a home educating mother I belong at home full time…that is how I see reality at the moment. I will consult with my husband before leaving work. I will reach these three goals within six months….by Spring-time.

In the mean-time, I am working hard to balance my need for rest, educating my children and working outside the home. So far I am totaling failing at my need for rest but the other

tea for me before poetry tea time

priorities are on par. Since returning home from the Wild+Free Conference I feel good about my home educating choices. Despite my failings I’ve done a fairly decent job of preparing my children for…reality.  Not only are they good kids but they are good people. I can depend on them to help me….and to help each other.

Recently, I’ve wondered what it means to be a homeschooling mother in their eyes. How do they see me? Am I a teacher or a mother? To my relief they see a “mommy” who wants to learn alongside them. I was a little intimidated to learn that

at the Elkhorn

my self-worth depended upon their answer. They see me as a guide but also as a fellow learner on the journey of home education. Reality brings my responsibility for their education and soul development home. So much responsibility in my hands. Do they even realize how much I feel for their character and soul development? Sometimes they do but mostly they are not aware.

But I am aware and I am afraid…