“Why are you so sad?” These are the first words I heard this morning from my lead at work. She usually opens with, “Hey-hey! Good to see you!” Today, she took one look at me and wanted to know why my face was carved in sorrow. What is it about articulating that brings emotions to the surface? I didn’t want to cry at work, I managed to keep my eyes dry but my voice kept breaking.

Yesterday I had planned to write a post about working outside the home and home education. Yesterday was my official one year hire date with Kroger. This has been an interesting year and I feel stronger now than last January…well, not physically but in spirit. I’m not sure I’ll ever write that post now. I’ve lost what I wanted to say…it seems trivial to me now.

Early yesterday morning I received several texts and messages from friends telling me their kids were safe at home. I immediately sat at the computer and pulled up the news and learned that the community my husband calls home was reeling from the nightmare of a shooting at the high school. A couple of friends called briefly but what could I possibly say to comfort them? I am too far away to be of any help. All I could do was cry with them. I guess that is what Paul was trying to tell us in Romans 12:15. I wish I could have done more or said something meaningful. All I have to offer are tears and heartfelt prayers.

Lord, give me sensitivity
To people in their grief and pain,
To weep with them and show Your love
In ways mere words cannot attain.