Love only goes so far. I encountered that truth this week and was completely derailed emotionally. My husband (rightfully) decided our sweet Sparkles needs therapy. I didn’t want to accept that and found a way to explain everything away with tween angst and hormones the past few months. Loving parents aren’t always enough. I spent hours researching local therapists and prayed that God would direct me to the best choice for her. I believe the Lord directed me well. A part of me feels like a failure and the other part of me is exhausted with my own anxiety over it. The tension in my back and neck knotted up enough to cause a days long headache with occasional dizziness. I’m a mess. Meeting the therapist was reassuring. But most reassuring for me was to hear my husband describe therapy as a way to acquire coping tools. He sees this as a way for our daughter to learn how to use mental tools. I found his view to be calming…and practical…and so engineerish.

I finally finished Camie’s throw

Due to appointments and other activities this week we only managed a part-time education schedule this week. Just for kicks Middle Boy did his quiz in invisible ink and I had to use a black-light equipped Doctor Who sonic screwdriver to grade it. How does he even think this stuff up?!?! He made a ninety-eight percent on his quiz so I can’t complain too much.

Since our school schedule ended up off track anyway we spent an entire day working on an art lesson from Alicia Gratehouse. She has a free bluebird Impressionist lesson that we enjoyed together. I painted along with the kids and most likely enjoyed the lesson more than they did. Littlest surprised me by spending a full two hours working on his painting. I really thought he would quit but he stuck out all but the last thirty minutes or so. We

art lesson

did have a lunch break in between painting sessions. We enjoyed the lesson so much that I am considering purchasing more lessons.

One of the nice things about this week is that it was warm enough for the kids to play outside together. They had  fun playing with their nerf guns. Littlest put on his Batman cape and fought with Oldest. Sparkles wore her earphones and took lots of long walks. Sometimes she played with the boys which made then really happy…she hasn’t done that in a while. So, even though it seemed like a horrible stressful week…there were many moments to be grateful for. I started writing in my planner on moments to be grateful about each day.

This week is a new and busy week. I have a more hopeful outlook. By the end of the month we will have enough hours to legally call this academic year done. I’ve already set a tentative new academic year beginning in April. A new year beginning with the Easter seasons feels right to me…