Littlest and a blanket I need to get in the mail…

Snow this late in the year is unusual for Kentucky. When I went to work this morning it was dry. Before dawn large quarter sized snowflakes fell. I stopped working for a few minutes to watch the snow fall. The city was still mostly quiet but I knew the stillness would pass soon. The snow turned to sleet and then rain. Then the cycle repeated itself again before I came home. The sleet ended up soaking into my shoes before I reached my vehicle. Brrr, cold feet!. When I went to change out of my work cloths my husband gave me a pair of socks still warm from the dryer. I think that may have been the most blissful moment of my day.

I worked everyday this week. My part-time job seems to be getting more intrusive on my time. I’m looking forward to returning home at the end of summer (hopefully!). Yesterday, was my most memorable moment at work. I met an older gentleman who had recently lost his wife. His wife had always

Oldest helping build the swingset

done the grocery shopping. I parked my trolly out of the way and helped him find every item on his list. He didn’t know what kind of laundry detergent to buy so I helped him choose. I also listened to him talk about his wife. I gave him a hug before he left and then went to the back room and cried.

Sparkles had a rough week with her ulcerative colitis. Her doctor ordered tests so we went to the hospital twice this week to get those done. Watching her suffer is hard. I put her back on a low residue diet and that seems to have helped. Between her illness and my own (really) slow recovery we struggled to get through school work this week. We only manged read alouds twice and abandoned most of our group work. The kids did get their individual book work done and everyone kept up with math (small victories!).

sick week for Sparkles

Last weekend the weather was nice, sunny and warm. My husband and Oldest spend Sunday building a swing set. The kids had a blast swinging outside together. I knew the bad weather was coming so I cut school short on Monday so they could play outside before music lessons. The last of Oldest’s high school curriculum and his high school handbook from Hewitt came in this week. We plan to officially start high school next month so I have some planning to get started. I hope to get the schedule for the first quarter done soon. This upcoming year will be the first time all of the kids will have their own subjects except for art, poetry and a few read alouds. We’ve always done nearly everything together in school. Middle Boy will be starting middle school next month and getting his braces off. So much change to embrace this year. None of the changes are bad just all new experiences and a new phase of school.