the kids said goodbye to their Adventure School friends until fall.

Time has gotten away from me. I would like to post weekly but that doesn’t seem to be working out these days. I know that will all change once I am able to leave the workforce and return home to my crew full-time. Home is where I belong and days, like today, really remind me of that truth. You see, today I had the energy to go outside and play with the kids. We enjoyed several rounds of nerf war and I even managed to win once. I made breakfast for the kids this morning and our home education day was a bit relaxed. Our day was pleasant and I’ll be glad to get back to this lifestyle.

We’ve had an eventful few weeks since I last sat down to write. Sparkles UC got so bad that she had to endure a “go-lightly” day. My lead at work let me have Easter off so I could spend the day with her through her treatment. We dyed and hunted eggs the day before since Easter was going to be a long hard day. Thankfully Sparkles has felt better ever since. She is very nearly her old self sometimes but I’m not sure we’ll ever see the happy-bouncy girl she used to be.

no more braces

Middle Boy got his braces off last week! He’ll get his retainer in a couple of weeks. Depending on how the rest of his teeth come in will determine if he needs braces in the future. Hopefully not. Sparkles still has about a year and four months of orthodontic treatment to go.

Oldest and I spent last weekend in Cincinnati representing Beautiful Feet Books at the homeschool convention. We are still a bit tired but it is always fun to visit the city. My first day was a little rough in Cincinnati. I struggled with my anxiety on Thursday morning. But once we started setting up in the hall the darkness went away. Even though our booth was very busy I did get the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. I was so happy to meet Belinda of A Blessed Heritage. I have read her blog for many years and she is one of my favorite voices of authentic encouragement. She gives the warmest hugs! I wish I could have spent more time with Belinda and got away long enough to meet her children. On the other hand I am sooo thankful the booth was busy! Oldest and I also met Amanda from 14Rooms.  We met her after the hall closed

Oldest at the booth

while waiting for our rides to our hotels. She chatted with us about her guide to understanding Shakespeare. As I listened to her I realized that her guide was exactly what I needed to guide my crew through a study. We are going to replace our poetry tea time with Shakespeare this year. I ran into her again the next morning so I bought a copy of her guide. Oldest was actually excited about her passion for how Shakespeare should be taught that I took it as a sign to get Amanda’s curriculum.

Our biggest event was starting our new school year this week. Oldest officially started high school on Monday!! And Middle Boy started middle school!! I only have one elementary kiddo left. Time gets away so quickly. The past couple of years has especially disappeared. So much so that I sometimes feel like I’ve lost my vision for our family’s journey together. I’d rather feel like we are thriving than just surviving.

I”ll just let pictures tell the story of the last few weeks.