I’ve been on vacation from work this week. I’m not looking forward to going back. The hardest part of working is being forced to exist to the company’s needs as opposed to my family’s. I’m dreading going back on Sunday. I had a lot of cleaning intentions for this week but I took daily naps instead. The older two kiddos enjoyed some summer camp time this week. Oldest went to an outdoor nature camp and Sparkles went to an art camp. I think they both had a good time and learned a few new skills.

We went to an old car show a few weekends back. We were happily surprised when my husband’s car won  a spot in the top twenty! There were several really nice cars but I guess the judges liked the Mustang. The hand-made trophy is pretty cool too.

We also observed several rainbows and beautiful sunsets the past few weeks. One of the rainbows looked like it ended in our neighbor’s yard. No pot of gold or tiny green people were to be found though.

Sparkles and I dyed a bit of our hair purple just for fun. I think she is a bit miffed at me because my hair took to the color longer. The folks at work were surprised to see the purple streaks. One of them said they didn’t think I “was that kind of person.” I’m not really sure what she meant by that; nor do I really care.

Littlest and I started a lotus seed earlier this month. It has about three leaves now and is ready to transplant into a pot. Hopefully we can get it to flower. I plan to transplant it tomorrow and start adjusting it to the outdoors. Hopefully I’ll have some lovely pictures of it soon.