in pursuit of wild things


July 2018

Journal: Quarter Two Week Fourteen

Tonight I'm sitting outside and writing. The younger two are playing in the yard and the two bunnies are out nibbling on clover. Just as I wrote this Monty went to hide in the day-lilies; Polly is preening in the... Continue Reading →

Sleeper Awake

The insidiousness of isolation is that it does not happen suddenly. It comes on slowly; creeps like a fog in the night and envelopes you in an impenetrable blindness without your notice. At least, that is my experience. Choosing the... Continue Reading →

One Week

Yesterday a large storm front pushed through our region. The skies were dark most of the day. Sometimes the rain poured so furiously our street appeared to be a muddy stream. Today was more of the same but with less... Continue Reading →

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