Tonight I’m sitting outside and writing. The younger two are playing in the yard and the two bunnies are out nibbling on clover. Just as I wrote this Monty went to hide in the day-lilies; Polly is preening in the clover by herself now. Eventually one of us will chase Monty out into the yard before she starts digging a hole in the flower bed.

Oldest is currently inside working on schoolwork. He is still behind in literature from his first quarter. So far, the plan to get him caught up is still on track. He has two papers ready to be edited and turned in to his counselor. My goal is to have everything caught up by the end of the second quarter. Hewitt’s literature course is demanding, excellent too.

On Friday night the boys went to a baseball game in Lexington. Sparkles and I enjoyed a girl’s night in. We watched Wonder Woman and then chatted the rest of the evening until the boys returned home. Sparkles had a rough week between her therapy appointment and her illness. She spent most of her spare time in her room drawing or reading. I’m hoping for healthier days this week.

My husband and I have continued to work out together. Sometimes we lift weights and other times just walk around the neighborhood. We did take this weekend off but I figure it is good to give our old bodies a break on occasion. We’ll be back to our regimen tomorrow.

Littlest caught the reading bug this week. I pulled some nature and Greek mythology books off the shelf for him. He already finished the mythology book so I pulled the D’Aulaire Greek and Norse books for this week. He is studying India this week. I found some lovely books by Demi for him at the library and a few documentaries for us to watch this week.

Our library reconstruction is finally finished! We quit going since there was never anywhere to park. They did a really good job on the remodel and the children’s expansion is really nice. The only change I did not like was that the non-fiction DVD’s are now mixed in with nonfiction books! How weird is that?!? Littlest will love the life-size light-bright and the castle play area. Heck, I might even go play in the castle too!