August left in a hurry. Too fast for me to write much about it anyway. Middle Boy had the best week at camp with Canoe Kentucky. On the last day he was the only camper. He enjoyed having his counselor all to himself for the day! They went fishing and visited several area museums and science stations. He also got to pick out a nice waterbottle off of the Canoe Kentucky store shelf. He felt really spoiled by the end of the day! Oldest and Middle Boy are counting down the days until next summer’s camp season.

Our main focus this month was getting Oldest caught up with his high school studies. Not only is he completely caught up but is now about two weeks ahead of schedule!! He has worked very hard to get himself back on track. He’ll be half way through his freshman year at the end of September! We worked out the kinks to our school schedule for this year. Once we got that worked out the days have gone by fairly smoothly. Our fall schedule will change some of that up a bit and we’ll also resume our art, music and Shakespeare tea times as well.

We spent the non-rainy evenings outside with the bunnies. My husband has spent most of his evenings building a desk for Middle Boy. The only new think I learned this month was how to make soft pretzels. That isn’t entirely true…I did learn a bunch of technical stuff installing parental controls on all devices. I feel like I should have a certificate at least!