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Our new family schedule is difficult. I’m just not adjusting and keep running out of time. I’ll blame some of that on the time change too. It is O-dark-thirty way too soon! Daylight savings is a torture birthed out of the deepest pits of hell. Our week is just so full that Monday morning is suddenly Thursday afternoon. It is simply a season that will itself be over all too soon.

We are at the point in the school year when some of the crew are outgrowing their curriculum or running out altogether. Littlest is ready for some independent work and has turned out to be a voracious reader. He’ll be finished with every subject except language arts by the end of the year. I’ll be spending Christmas break prepping new curriculum for Littlest, Middle Boy and Sparkles. Middle Boy is just bored and unchallenged. He is ready for junior high now.

Oldest is plugging away at high school and night school. He’ll have so many credits by the end of this school year that he’ll be a quarter of the way through his sophomore year as well…maybe even half way through. Life is good for him right now and I am excited that he has

Boots was constantly looking for warmth since the temperatures are cooler

this opportunity to prepare for a career now. I’m a little envious too and wish I’d had this kind of help and guidance when I was in high school.

I wrapped up two books this week. The first was called Deep Water Passage from Ann Linnea. I cannot say that I loved this book but it was very interesting. Parts of it were stunning and I would have to put it down to think about her story and message. She is very spiritual and shares some very personal experiences and thoughts. Her passages about her encounters with her guardian angel were of particular interest to me. Though I did not really like the book, I found that it helped me feel less alone with some of my own personal struggles. It was good for me to read it in the way that it is hard to enjoy hard truths one needs to hear at times. Or maybe that is just me.

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The second book I finished was called Nephi from the Book of Mormon. A friend asked me to read this and Isaiah with her. I am not an expert of the beliefs and teachings of the LDS church at all. Actually, I’m not much of an expert at anything. Anyway, in my opinion, the main theme in this book is on overcoming discouragement. The book references the Old Testament Isaiah throughout and I think I caught the gist of the message. However, I am sure much of it passed with a complete lack of understanding on my part. On to Isaiah now.

My new book this week is Spontaneous Happiness by Dr. Andrew Weil. The title is just dorke-riferous. But the information about emotional health and how it relates to diet is interesting. I picked up the book because I hoped it would help with Sparkles and some of her troubles. It is

review journals

the sort of book that I need to keep on hand for her for when she is ready to take charge of her own healing. Some stuff you just have to do for yourself. I’d do it for her if I could but that is not how wellness works. All I can do is be ready to give guidance when she is receptive…if that day comes.

The other book I started this week is the Bhagavad Gita. I spent a whole quarter on it at the library book sale! This one will take a long while to get through since I only read small sections at a time. I’ve taken to reading poetry before meditating lately to help flip my mind into a quieter mode. The title means Song of God and was enough on its own to help me enter my quiet place.

Tuesday was election day. I’m so disgusted with politics and government in this country I have nothing positive to contribute. I voted, that’s about it. Sparkles was with me so I showed her how to read the ballot and how voting works. We then stopped at the grocery store and we split a chocolate bar on the way home. No matter the awesomeness of chocolate it cannot dissolve the bad taste of politics.

Over the weekend we drove to Lexington. We did some shopping and I traded in a large box of books for nine dollars, a book and a movie my husband picked out. I have shelves of books and curriculum to clear so we can have new books and new curriculum. The primary years are over here. Though I think I will take most of the curriculum to be consigned in a shop in Louisville. On our way home we stopped at the mill for a bag of flour and a pound of yeast.

I received a set of art journals in the mail this week for a review in a couple of weeks. After a

the mill

three year break I’ve decided to start doing reviews again. I’m not sure how many I will do in the future and I doubt that I’ll go back to reviewing curriculum. Sparkles decided to help with the review and claimed one of the journals for herself.

Today, we watched the spider episode of Doctor Who. The show was okay but I am no longer enjoying the program. I just want to watch a show about aliens, monsters, time travel, love and friendship and be entertained. I do not want to be preached at by some British writer about the awful and evil state of my country. I really do not want to hear how awful our President is…it does not take any intelligence at all to point out that fact. If I wanted socialist indoctrination all I have to do is switch the station to CNN.

I finished knitting a throw today. It is just a small couch throw but really soft. The moment I spread it out on the floor to check my stitches the cat and Littlest both claimed it. Boots napped a good portion of the day on it and Littlest says I cannot give it away to anyone outside of the house.