I was surprised to receive three more beautiful journals from Ellie Claire to review. Somehow, I managed to sign up for these when I thought I was confirming the previous review post dates. I’ll consider it a happy accident though because these daily journals are beautiful and just as sturdy as the art journals.

All three of these journals have soft covers and nice thick paper. The paper is just as nice as the art journals so most pens will not bleed through. This paper even holds up nicely to watercolor. Unlike the art journals they do not lay flat when opened but that feature isn’t quite as necessary for journaling as it is for art. Each dated page features a short devotion, a one-line prayer, a Scripture, and room to record your thoughts, prayers, and praises. The books also have a ribbon to hold your place each day.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

This lovely journal is covered in peach, pink and white flowers. The interior pages also feature the same flowers. The unique feature in this journal is that is contains a quote from a religions song as well as the devotional and space to write. This one is really pretty and I’ve decided to gift it to a sweet friend.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/EyesonAmazon

The Earth is the Lord’s and Everything in It

This daily journal is super cute and the one I decide to use this year for a gratitude journal. The very first entry mentions a cute story about the author unexpectedly stumbling upon some peacocks on her way to work. Seeing them made her happy and gave her the idea of searching for the Lord’s “peacocks of happiness” each day. Those small unexpected darts of love from God we should look forward to each day but are easy to miss if we do not take the time to notice.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/EarthonAmazon

Peace Begins With Me

This journal has a lovely soft mint green marbled cover with the title in gold foil. My daughter claimed this one for herself before I even got a look at it! The very first meditation talks about how anxiety is not from God at all. I believe she plans to use this journal in a method recommended by her therapist.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/PeaceonAmazon

All of these journals are lovely. At this point I am pretty sure that anything with the Ellie Claire label is nice quality.

Products tested in Ellie Claire journals: Sharpie pens, felt tip pens, ink rolling ball pens, pencil, colored pencils, micro pigment waterproof ink, metallic markers, Koi and Kuretake watercolors and watercolor pencils.