Christmas Eve bright moon

Tonight is another rainy evening. Sparkles and I were up early this morning. We went to the hospital to get her labs done and then picked up breakfast. I did not want to spend two hours at the hospital like we did last time she needed work done. Just before seven this morning we were on our way out of the laboratory. There were no other patients around and were out in less than thirty minutes. I still didn’t touch anything with my hands but at least I didn’t feel like I was breathing in a multitude of killer germs! We’ll always get up and go before dawn in the future.

I also heard back from the doctor this morning from my appointment last week. He wants me to take medication for my IBS. I haven’t gone to the pharmacy yet to pick it up. My knee x-ray didn’t show anything bad so he thinks I just have a deep bone bruise and need to follow-up in a month or so if it is still

misty morning sunrise

hurting. I’ve never had a bone bruise before and I hope this is the last. He also ran a food allergy test. It indicated that I had too many food allergies to go over but none of them were serious enough to cause IBS trouble. The nurse on the phone told me that my allergy list was so long I’d need to come to the office to get the test results! Personally, I think it is related to my anxiety. Something that is gradually taking more of my time to keep under control.

Christmas Eve was a nice day at home. Oldest rolled himself out of bed early and helped me get breakfast ready. After everyone was up we opened our presents and enjoyed all of our goodies. The kids played games and put Lego sets together. Later, we watched Die Hard (it is a Christmas movie at our house!). On Christmas we spent about eight hours on the road to visit with family. It was a long but nice day.



Next week I will start working again at Kroger but only on the weekends. I will go in for a couple of “training days” this week. The manager has been trying to get me in sooner but corporations are just slow-moving machines. The new ClickList manager seems really nice and my work

my husband built this shelf over the holiday break

friends all say she is great. I liked working and miss doing something that isn’t connected to home education and kids. Don’t get me wrong; I love being a mother and most of the time I enjoy home education.

I spent the past couple of days getting lessons ready for next week. We are jumping into our last quarter. Only nine weeks or so left!!! I’ll need to get a book list ready for next year soon. I like to have all my choices prepared for the convention in April. This is Littlest’s last few weeks of primary education! I did get a basic calendar ready for next year and looked at the prices for high school biology books and lab supplies (YIKES$$$).

We all stayed up to greet the new year together. This was the kids’ first time to stay up with us and probably the second time in our marriage that I was awake! We watched the Rose Parade the next day and enjoyed a quiet day at home. I spent the day finishing up my yearly goal plans and nursing my aching knee.