Most of us ended up horribly ill for most of January and the first part of February. I have been preoccupied with making a book list for the next school year, adjusting to working again and searching for a new home. I was also hit with the cold or flu and spent nearly a week in and out of fevers, congestion and body pain. I am on the healing end but am tired of feeling…tired.

My husband went to dinner with his friend Cindy. She is the best and we love her! Middle Boy spent January growing and was constantly napping and eating everything he could find!!!


We celebrated Middle Boy’s birthday with a trip to Cincinnati. We visited the Lego store and then spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge.


Middle Boy requested a Devil’s Tower birthday cake. The cake my husband made is awesome!!! I still cannot believe I finally got to see the Tower with my own eyes and spend a day there. I thought it was awesome that Missle Boy loved the place enough to request it for his birthday cake. That was one of my favorite days last year.


A trip to the Elkhorn.


The two younger boys in their room with disco lights.