April went by in a flash. We celebrated our fifteen year anniversary on the first.

Fifteen years. This relationship is the longest, unbroken event of my life. Obviously, I’ve known my parents longer but did not live with them over a consecutive set of fifteen years. I lived with my grandparents for two years in my early teens and on my own in my late teens and early twenties (while financially supporting them). So, fifteen years. I didn’t realize the significance in time until a few days later. I was so happy to realize that I have experienced something so permanent that I cried. I’m not sure those are the right words to express the feeling but that is the best I can do for now.

We were on break from school for most of the month. I finished planning lessons in the digital planner and organized the new curriculum. Oldest really enjoyed his break from schoolwork. He still had plumbing classes to attend. These will end later this month and his second year will start back up in September. Tomorrow he starts tenth grade…so long to sleeping in for a while. The whole crew starts back to school tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I can feel myself getting sick. My throat and ear started aching today and it hurts to swallow or speak…tomorrow may be a rough day. I’ve gargled with hot salty water and will do so again with vinegar and cayenne before bed. Hopefully that will do the trick and I will be better by morning. Most of the time this little trick works for me.

I’d like to say that I will write more next month but I am not sure. Time is just plain hard to juggle these days.