medal and holy card
medal and holy card

The morning started out very gray and misty. By the time we left the therapy office the sky was clear and sunny. Later, while reading through essays and grading math I heard the rain pour down. Of course, the sun is back out now.

Littlest is about to make his way over to the neighbor’s house for some chocolate cake. He loves to visit with them and talk all things Mario Brothers’ with their son. I think he has found that lovely grandparent type relationship with the couple next door.

My daughter had a good session with her therapist this morning. She came out in a happier mood. Still, even a good session leaves her quiet and a little withdrawn for a while. She is a much happier and stronger girl than she was a year ago. Today, I filled out the paperwork and made my first appointment for therapy. Reading through the disclosure and informed consent paperwork was slightly

Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine

daunting. I remember Sparkles going through the emotional rollercoasters after a session. I’m not excited about my own journey through this at all. I already feel bad for my family. My first appointment isn’t for a couple of weeks so I have plenty of time to ignore all of this and then freak out the day before.

My Saint Dymphna (patroness of those with mental and nervous disorders) medal arrived last week. I plan to take it to Adoration on Friday to have it blessed and then work it into my meditation mala. I am happy with the prototype I made last year. Now that I have the proper cording I just need to re-knot it and string the beads. It isn’t a proper western type Rosary but is more like a chotki from the eastern church. I think it is better to make your own spiritual tools than to purchase them. The colors for my meditation beads are from Our Lady of Guadalupe. Though these are not traditional colors for a chotki they are perfect for me. A lovely blend of east and west.

kitties in the window

Last Sunday the church I attend enshrined an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the sanctuary. There are even candles that can be lit for special prayers and intentions. I was so happy and told Sparkles that we would sit near the shrine from now on. I think she tried very hard not to roll her eyes at me over my enthusiasm.  I am just glad that she goes to church with me. I asked her about it last Sunday. She told me that she likes the songs and how the church is filled with light. The priest there is also very happy and his love for his faith shows in his sermons. Sparkles like the light and joy. I like that too.

I took the crew to breakfast on Monday morning for the start of our second quarter and took the pictures that I neglected to take at the first of the academic year. So far our first week into the second quarter is going very well.

My sweetie and I wandered around downtown over the weekend…or on Friday. I cannot rightly recall. We met some kitties in a window on the way to Kentucky Knows where I bought my favorite coffee. I also finished up some Christmas shopping for my sister-in-law from one of the local artists. My husband saw several people that he came to know during his yearlong Leadership Frankfort course. He was recently accepted into the Leadership Central Kentucky program, which will begin next month. He is also now serving on one of the charity boards in town. I am glad he has something outside of us and work to enjoy and look forward to. I think these kind of things are good for the soul.