I knew this day would come…eventually. I wasn’t expecting it to occur this week. Then again, I’m not so sure why not. I’m being a tad bit dramatic but son number two is now taller than me. My husband officially measured us a few days ago and declared Middle Boy taller. I didn’t need the official measurements though. I knew at the very moment that my eyes drifted upwards to look into his eyes. That moment marks a change in the relationship between us. Nothing overtly obvious. Just a subtle moment. Something I am struggling to articulate. The boy is fading and the man is just beginning…One of those odd moments when nothing and everything shifts.

Tonight it is raining. We haven’t had a rainy day in forever. This morning I heard thunder on the way to work but believed it was anything but thunder. That is how long we’ve been without rain. Seems strange to believe that I would explain away the sound as construction noise in the early hours of the morning. But, that is exactly what I did. The storms and power outages did keep me away from my Sunday bath so I am a bit miffed over it.

School, co-op, work and therapy are all going well so there isn’t much to say about any of them. Therapy is interesting. Sparkles usually wants to talk my head off after she has been to therapy. She’ll even tell me that she wants to talk to her therapist before she talks to me when something is bothering her. My therapist told me that it is a very typical and encouraging outcome of therapy sessions. I don’t. I just want to go to bed and remain quiet. I didn’t ask if my reaction was typical but I guess I will at some point.

We went to a construction industry career fair. The kids had a good time and I hope to get our co-op to go as a group next year. We didn’t get to see everything since we were late and the organization catered to the public school schedule. But it was fun and interesting.


Littlest is enjoying his Harry Potter unit study. We are continuing to study herbology. Everyone made some wands this week.


Camping trip: