This October was mostly warm and dry. I wish we could have started on the house but it just didn’t work out that way. By the time all of the paperwork, payments and permits were in place, it rained and turned cold.

We are still waiting for the bulldozers to start digging the basement. We woke to a snow covered outside so nothing will happen today either. Perhaps tomorrow. I also woke up with another thrush infection this morning. I hate the constant burning salt feeling of it. I’m all out of my favorote treatment so am making do with apple cider vinegar and salt water gargles.

Oldest is now back in plumbing classes. He is also reading up to get his driver’s permit. Tomorrow I will turn in the rest of the paperwork to finish up the first half of tenth grade. He simply needs to edit the last of his papers. We’ll have it all done before lunch tomorrow. It would have been today but we have our ongoing tradition of cancelling school on the first snowfall of the academic year to uphold.

For the most part co-op is going okay. I wasn’t able to get through the All Saint’s Day party. My anxiety spiked with the larger than usual crowd. I started to get accustomed to the extra mothers and children but when all of their husbands stayed and congregated by the door I lost it. Being forced to walk through them to get out of the building was too much for me. I texted with my husband and he suggested I just take the kids to lunch and then retreat home. I talked the experience over with my therapist and she was happy that I didn’t try to make myself stay. She was glad that I tried to stay but left when I realized that I was too uncomfortable. She helped me see that I was uncomfortable with the extra women and children at the party but was able to cope with them. My anxiety spiked hard when I was stuck with no way to escape from men that I did not know. She said we would try to work through that issue at another time. Right now I am supposed to focus on coping with my anxiety and learning when to ride it out and when to retreat. I am sure we will start working on situations that trigger me at some point. Can’t say I am looking forward to it but I know it is necessary for a healthy outlook. Though I think if I could just stay asleep through the night it would help.

Anyway, the rest of the co-op dates have been fine. I never want to go but am usually okay once we get there. The kids love their drama classes. I am so proud that Littlest is participating in the activities. He doesn’t always love to do the art projects but he is trying. The older three are studying A Midsummer’s Night Dream with their classmates and will put on one or two acts at the end of the school year.  This week we are going on a field trip to Shaker Village with the group.

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I spent the day at the monastery working in the yard. We really enjoyed an unplugged day working outside. I enjoyed the day there and working with my kids to help people I love. The kids want to make it a monthly project for us.

Littlest turned nine. Sparkles got her braces off. There was a Hogwarts themed party at the library and Halloween. Camping at the property and fun with sparklers. The little fox made another appearance at work.

And that was October.