I haven’t had much to say. I’ve thought of plenty of things I’d like to say about this year. It has been a hard year. And a good year. Some trials are still ongoing, some resolved and others are just beginning.

I’ve watched people live in fear this year. I work part-time at a grocery store.  I’ve witnessed people fight over toilet paper and frozen peas. Police officers guarded the store where I worked. My work shift moved from five in the morning to three in the morning to midnight. People are afraid. I no longer recognize my country. I feel like a background nobody in a dystopian novel.

We lost our kitty and one of our bunnies. We’ve watched a beloved neighbor slowly lose his memory and mobility. We’ve grieved with his wife as she watches him fade and struggles to keep him home. We’ve watched our youngest struggle to understand the changes happening around him with his “on the spectrum” mindset. We’ve watched our oldest struggle with his body as it begins to betray him and wait for time with a specialist.

This is a strange year. A horrible year. A city in my state is likely burning tonight. Sometimes I feel numb and sometimes I feel too much.

But there is good too…

We built a house this year and very soon it will be out home. We share our space with deer, wild turkey, racoons, squirrels, beautiful birds, wildflowers, too many insects, frogs, and a mink. I am no longer in therapy and have a medication that helps with my anxiety and nearly cured my IBS symptoms. Littlest is doing well in therapy and Oldest will begin his apprenticeship soon. I’m still home educating my crew and our wonderful co-op just started back up. We have a lovely new kitten.

My local community is just fine. My family is strong. We’re okay here. I hope you are too.