Hi, I’m Audria.


I’ve been home educating my kids since 2012. We’ve tried several methods to homeschooling and have finally settled into our own modernized Charlotte Mason/Project Schooling lifestyle. I want my kids and husband to have a record of these years spent learning together. My homeschooling posts are primarily for and to my family. I adore my children and am still very passionately in love with my husband.

I like to take pictures and am enamored with my macro lens. I use my cell phone mostly but someday I’d like to learn to use a real camera. You will find lots of pictures in this space. I am learning to express my self with art and craft. I want to knit a sweater someday. I used to paint and write poetry…I’d like to do so again. All of my artistic attempts will be shared here and my children’s too.

I am a Christian but not a very good one. I lost my religion some time ago and discovered it wasn’t the same as losing my faith.

My favorites include Gavin Francis, Kentucky Bourbon, Doctor Who, chai, coffee, Robert Frost, Vincent Van Gogh and Don Quixote.

My former blog is At The Well

Need a review? I did many reviews on my former blog and am now able to do reviews again. Just send me a note at audriastory@gmail.com and let’s see what we can do together.