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Review: Ellie Claire Art Journals

Recently, I received three beautiful art journals from Ellie Claire: Faith and Lettering, The Illustrated Word and Illuminate Your Story. All of these journals are beautiful and well crafted. The paper is thick so most pens and paints will not... Continue Reading →

2018-2019 Curriculum

I just had a little freak out moment typing two-thousand and nineteen in the title. The years really flow in rapid succession. Each year made of moments good, bad, and many shades in-between. Today, my head is a little too... Continue Reading →

Midweek Journal: March

The kids get a break from history and memorization drills since I went to the dentist this morning. I had some fillings that were deteriorating and one cavity. I opted to get the work done in one sitting so my... Continue Reading →

Temperature Blanket Project

One of my projects this year is knitting a temperature blanket. One row of stitch based on the high temperature each day. I only chose seven colors to represent the temperature range. I've already thought about adding another color for... Continue Reading →

Writing: Oldest’s End of Year Letter

Oldest spent a couple of weeks working on an end of year letter for his writing assignment. For me it was interesting to see the events this year from his point of view and heartwarming that he still thinks of... Continue Reading →

Writing: Sparkles

Part of the Brave Writer lifestyle is weekly freewriting on a variety of topics. Sometimes we use prompts and other times the kids have their own ideas. After eight weeks (or whenever I bother to remember) the kids all choose one of their freewrites... Continue Reading →

Photojournal: Along the Elkhorn

Yesterday, we explored the banks of the Elkhorn Creek down from our home. The weather dried up several weeks ago so we were able to walk further than in previous visits. Sparkles and Middle Boy walked ahead while Littlest and... Continue Reading →


I decided to try out a course from WordPress' Blogging University. Maybe this will be fun... Day 1. What does home look like to you? My love is away and I am rather subdued. This great big house full of our... Continue Reading →

Radical Authenticity Challenge: Writer or Blogger

As you open up a New Post page this week, meditate on Shapiro’s words. What does authenticity mean to you? How do you feel right now, in this moment? When you identify how you feel, do you judge it? Is... Continue Reading →

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