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Re: Poetry Tea Passion

I have had a slew of questions over Poetry Tea Time the past couple of weeks! One friend even declared me to be "an inspiration." Well, that might be stretching the truth quite a bit too far. I'm no inspiration but I am... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Day eleven of thirty Deer in the farmer's field with their little ones...outside my kitchen window.  

Weekly Wrap-up: Joy in Service and Curriculum Choices

My last wrap-up was two weeks ago. This time last week I was working at the Beautiful Feet Books' booth at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. First of all, a huge thanks to Kris of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Just Another Week

Seems like I just sat down to write last week's post. Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems as thought the weeks are all the same and all is still. Then suddenly changes come and everything is different. My babies... Continue Reading →

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