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Review: 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders

Max Anders' classic 30 Days to Understanding the Bible is a well-organized and informative general survey of the Protestant Bible. The author wrote it for those wanting to study scripture who have no or very little previous knowledge about the Bible. I... Continue Reading →

Faith Unraveled Chapters 1-2

Originally, Faith Unraveled by Rachel Held Evans was titled Evolving in Monkey Town. In the book she discusses her own dissolving Southern Fundamentalist Christian faith in light of surfacing doubts. I am reading this book in a study with a small... Continue Reading →

Review and Giveaway: The CEB Student Bible

Just to be clear I am not reviewing the Bible. I am just giving my opinion on the quality, style and study content within this translation. About nine weeks ago (or thereabouts) our pastor chose to read from the Common English Bible during... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Day five of thirty Today was busy and I didn't get a picture. Our first day of school was thrown a few wrenches but we survived and celebrated together. We all laughed together over ice-cream treats. I love the sound... Continue Reading →

Ordinary moments

Day four of thirty. Someone decorated the breakfast tables at church this morning with these lovely beautiful flowers.

Ordinary Moments

Weekly piano lessons. An ordinary part of our week. God is in the love here between children and teacher. Day two of thirty of finding the sacred in the ordinary...

Weekly Wrap-up: Joy in Service and Curriculum Choices

My last wrap-up was two weeks ago. This time last week I was working at the Beautiful Feet Books' booth at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. First of all, a huge thanks to Kris of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: September Around the Corner

Hard to believe August is nearly history. Autumn will arrive before I've adjusted to the fact that Spring is long since gone...time is really a quick march. We've been wrapped up in our studies this week. We've spent an entire... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: New Endeavors and Endings

My husband and I enjoyed a nice weekend. Mrs. Melody came over Saturday afternoon to stay with the kids so my husband and I could go to a company cookout on the lake. I was certain we would not be... Continue Reading →

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