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DIY Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar Extract

I am prepping for Christmas today. I prefer to use homemade vanilla extract and vanilla infused sugar for all of my baked goodies and treats. These only take minutes to prepare but months to reach perfection! The first week of... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: Eleanor to Robin Hood

By the title you can see that we haven't covered a long period in history. We hit a little snag in our husband was offered a wonderful job and we are in the process of moving. My homeschool schedule... Continue Reading →

Journal: Road Trip with Bill, Homeschooling Regrets and Chocolate Gravy

This past week was our only week of summer break from school...after two days I remembered quite well why we do not take an extended vacation from formal schooling. They get into a fair amount of trouble with too much... Continue Reading →

Sophrosyne: Ginger for Mum

My sweet bloggy sister across the grand pond wanted to know how I take enough ginger to keep the arthritis pains at bay but not get heartburn from ginger tablets. I do not take any vitamins or pill form supplements.... Continue Reading →

Becoming a New Creation

Welcome to the start of my new blogging series on adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. In June I embarked on a journey with some fellow bloggers to lose weight and learn about making healthier choices in food and exercise. Since then I... Continue Reading →

Wibbly-Wobbly Weightloss: Another Blah Week

Sadly, I didn't lose any weight this week but on the bright side I didn't gain either. My emotions ran crazy this week. For the past three years I go through a crisis of self-doubt over the kids curriculum and wonder... Continue Reading →

Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss: Really Slow and Steady

We started our new school year so this week flew by in a flash. I've spent most of my time working with my crew and getting our school year off to a positive start. In other words...we enjoyed some good,... Continue Reading →

Colonial Studies and American Revolution

We recently finished part of our colonial era studies in early American history with our Beautiful Feet Books curriculum. I simply chose to split this study for the blog write-up before we studied George Washington and the American Revolution. We covered several books and watched... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Flat Tires, Torture and a Recipe

Saturday started out well enough but the middle part of the day wasn't so great. My husband ended up with a flat tire on his trailer which was loaded with fire wood. He called just as it was time to... Continue Reading →

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