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Fireplace Ramblings and Ashes

I'm sitting by the ridiculously large fireplace at Great Wolf Lodge this morning watching the place wake up. The morning shift is arriving and the night crew are escaping before the sun rises. I've got a large vanilla latte from... Continue Reading →

Elections, Happiness and Guardian Spirits

Our new family schedule is difficult. I'm just not adjusting and keep running out of time. I'll blame some of that on the time change too. It is O-dark-thirty way too soon! Daylight savings is a torture birthed out of... Continue Reading →

January the Twenty-third

"Why are you so sad?" These are the first words I heard this morning from my lead at work. She usually opens with, "Hey-hey! Good to see you!" Today, she took one look at me and wanted to know why... Continue Reading →

Wild+Free Franklin Conference

The words and spirit of the conference are still seeping deep into my heart. My emotions changed wildly from one moment to the next. I wept bitter tears and soul-touched tears. Laughter poured loudly and my body could hardly contain... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Birthday Time

Day twenty-four. Did I really say I was going to try to do this daily?!? Silly me. We have fourteen medical/dental/orthodontic appointments this month, Averill House Chemistry group, Adventure school, music lessons, a ZZ Top Concert, and the Wild+Free Conference.... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: 12

Day 19 I may not post everyday but I do at least think about what I would like to write about...mostly. My daughter turned twelve today. I feel so inept as a mother right now. She has so much freedom... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Going Supernova

Day sixteen. How is September half over already? I only worked four hours today but the time dragged. Today was my last day of training for my new position at work. Tomorrow I will get thrown into the crucible; the... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Diagnosis

Today, I was diagnosed with IBS-D. The diagnosis did not surprise me. I was hoping for some other curable issue though. He did tell me to add a probiotic and to find ways to reduce stress (exercise and meditation). He... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Poem

Day twelve Allergies kicked my butt yesterday and I went to bed early. Either I was outside too long or I am allergic to something in the Averill House where the Monday Homeschool group meets. Most likely a bit of... Continue Reading →

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