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Weekly wrap-up

Sunday Journal: The Week Summer Plans Changed

We greeted June in the emergency room. Emergency comes from the Latin meaning "to arise" or "bring to light". The symbolic beauty of the word's origin is obscured today. The word seems ugly to me and does not flow well off the... Continue Reading →

Journal: A Wedding, Beatersville and Ember Days

I had the perfect school week planned out. Naturally, the days did not work out as expected. Sparkles came down with a nasty illness on Tuesday and still does not feel well this evening. Just as we thought she was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Curtains and Car Cruise-in

We've been looking forward to this week for a few months. Co-op ended. I think the middle two did enjoy co-op somewhat but not enough to feel sad at its ending. I will miss my friend who labored in the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Two Weeks

  Last weekend my mother came in for a visit. My husband had the good sense to run off with a friend to Dallas for the Texas Frightmare Weekend. His travel buddy was none other than Rik of the Hail Ming... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Low Ebb and Dreams

Nearly all of my free time this week was spent in pre-planning. I have a freewrite list of ideas for this summer and our upcoming year. A hopeful list of wishes full of mommy-school pipe dreams. Every year I have... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Spring’s Return, Retreats and Boots

The past week was rather lazy for us. Productive but lazy. I slept in every single day. We started school about an hour later than usual each day and even indulged in our read aloud time a bit longer too.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Planning, Illness and more Traveling

Sparkles spent several days in bed last week with an illness. The boys worked on their individual subjects and Sparkles just slept the days away. Since we didn't have group subjects to do most of the week I managed to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Adventures in Travel

The last couple of weeks were busy. We traveled to western Kentucky last weekend for the kid's Hymn Fest piano recital. We visited with friends and some family members during our stay. Visiting our former church was a highlight for... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Easter Weekend

Thursday afternoon we left for western Kentucky so the kids could participate in the Hymn Fest with their piano teacher. We returned home just a few hours ago. I'm tired. There is lightening and thunder outside. Just pictures for this... Continue Reading →

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