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And so the Weeks Pass

Last weekend we traveled to Western Kentucky to visit my husband's family. Our trip happened to coincide with the annual pig roast. Sparkles found a cousin with the same taste in books and the boys played with sticks and a... Continue Reading →

The Week that Brought Some Changes

Home Education: The second week of the third term is finished. This week brought some unexpected changes to our routine. I've been exchanging emails with a local trade school to see if they would allow Oldest to begin courses with... Continue Reading →

Into October

Getting back to the daily routine isn't always easy after a trip. We took a week off to adjust to being back home before starting school. Fortunately, dropping back into the schooling schedule was pretty easy. We have a nice... Continue Reading →

4545 Miles and 12 States: Last Part

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  --H. Jackson Brown, Jr.'s mom The internet will tell you that is a quote from Mark Twain...but it... Continue Reading →

4545 Miles and 12 States: Part Two

Once a year, go someplace you have never been before. The internet will tell you that quote is from the Dali Lama's eighteen rules to live by. Um, if you actually know anything about the man or Buddhist teachings in... Continue Reading →

4545 Miles and 12 States: Part One

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ---Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essay 12 Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you... Continue Reading →

August Pictures

August left in a hurry. Too fast for me to write much about it anyway. Middle Boy had the best week at camp with Canoe Kentucky. On the last day he was the only camper. He enjoyed having his counselor... Continue Reading →

August Coffeeshops and Street Rods

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop while my daughter chats with a friend. This is the first time we’ve done something like this. I guess there will be more outings with friends. Oldest hasn’t asked to have any of... Continue Reading →

Journal: Quarter Two Week Fourteen

Tonight I'm sitting outside and writing. The younger two are playing in the yard and the two bunnies are out nibbling on clover. Just as I wrote this Monty went to hide in the day-lilies; Polly is preening in the... Continue Reading →

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