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Summer’s End

I wrote this a few of days ago with every intention to delete or seriously revise. I've decided to keep it. These moments are mine and I choose to own them. I couldn't sleep the night before the movers Continue Reading →

Journal: Anxiety and Detachment

The past couple of weeks have been rough. Wrestling with anxiety is an exhausting task. I am ready for a quiet week of healing after two weeks of heart flutters, breathlessness, stress sores and nightmares. I've been so stressed this week that we... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Snow and Anxiety

Today has been the longest day. I was awake hours before my alarm officially woke me at five. I awoke several times from terrible dreams. I never sleep well when my husband is away. Early this morning I laid in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Well…Monthly This Time

Time got away from me this month and I am very late getting the weekly wrap-ups posted. Turns out my husband likes to read them and misses hearing about our school week and my silly banter. I have been a bit quiet... Continue Reading →

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