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Thank You Mrs. Fulbright and Apologia

Finally the Homeschool Science Share and Tell is back hosted by and Apologia! Yeah!! I've missed the event over the break and the loads of amazing science lab ideas from fellow homeschool families. Since the last link up we have finished... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Apples, Dried Corn and Manhood

Tomorrow is Littlest's birthday party (actually birthday is Monday). We will be celebrating three years of his life. He wants a Batman birthday cake. Later today I will bake a cake and make buttercream icing in various colors. Then I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Apples, Caffeine and Astronomy

My family's "busy season" is about to start. This weekend is the Pig Roast. Harley Man (one of my brother-in-law's) spends several days roasting an entire pig the old-fashioned way. Family and friends from the area and a few states... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up #7 Double Birthday Week

We enjoyed a short three-day school week followed by two full days of "field trips". Both Oldest and Sparkles had birthday's this week so my husband took a couple of days off work and we went to the St Louis... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up #5

Our science experiment this week was making a cloud in a jar. The experiment is from Apologia's Astronomy book in the Uranus and Neptune chapter. Thankfully it is one of the easier experiments and I had everything on hand...that usually... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks: Wrap-up

  Well I missed the weekly wrap-up last week. We had a date night last Friday and then on Saturday morning my husband left for Bristol. We were also celebrating his birthday last weekend and while we are out one... Continue Reading →

Venusian Volcanos and Lego Swords

Our science studies (Apologia's Astronomy) took us to Venus and Earth this past month. We also managed to combine some history and art into our science labs this time...always nice when projects and disciplines can be combined! Our first science project... Continue Reading →

Science Fun

We've continued to have a wonderful time exploring the universe this month. We finished up our studies on the Sun by watching two episodes of Nova about Stonehenge and the Sun. I found these on amazon and since we have a... Continue Reading →

Lego Stonehenge

The past two weeks was our first time using Apologia for our science course. We were using another curriculum but it just wasn't in-depth enough for my little scholars. So I scrapped it and we switched to Apologia. My kids... Continue Reading →

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