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Between Hallowed Breaths

Afterthoughts on Ordinary Moments

First of all I want to thank Lindsay over at Between Hallowed Breaths for the inspiration for this series. I read her post and felt drawn to uncover my own search for these moments that really escape my notice most... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Day twelve of thirty I enjoy going out each day to visit with our bunnies. I like to gather greens from the yard and feed them. They always make me smile...

Ordinary Moments

Day eleven of thirty Deer in the farmer's field with their little ones...outside my kitchen window.  

Ordinary Moments

Today we went for a drive. Just a drive with no destination in mind...we explored the dam, creek with cypress trees, played with little chicks and laughed over our Chinese cookie fortunes. Day ten of thirty...pausing to appreciate the little... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Day eight of thirty...always grateful for this ordinary moment! My husband arriving home from work. Oftentimes the best part of my day. We've been married for eleven years now and I still feel sad when he cannot call me just... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

We've had someplace to be other than home every day this week. Tonight the rain poured down on us...torrents. I love the smell of of those ordinary things I never took the time to pay attention to... Day seven... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Day five of thirty Today was busy and I didn't get a picture. Our first day of school was thrown a few wrenches but we survived and celebrated together. We all laughed together over ice-cream treats. I love the sound... Continue Reading →

Ordinary moments

Day four of thirty. Someone decorated the breakfast tables at church this morning with these lovely beautiful flowers.

Ordinary Moments

Today some friends delivered fresh corn to our home from their church's community unexpected gift. I feel more blessed to be remembered than for the corn. Day three of thirty of finding God's blessings in ordinary moments...

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