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8th Birthday, Halloween and a Walk Downtown

Last Sunday was Littlest's eighth birthday. He asked for a Batman Beyond Lego cake design. I think my husband produced a beautifully designed cake that you can see in the pictures below. We gave him a Plains style Native American... Continue Reading →

The Late Christmas Visit

Last weekend we went to see family since we missed Christmas with them. We all met at Majestic's for lunch and then hung out together at a relative's home. The kid's opened Christmas gifts and played with their cousins. I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Birthday Boy and the Real World

I re-entered the workforce this past week. My job is fairly labor intensive and fast paced so the times passes quickly. After learning I had been home tending to my children for several years a couple of people welcomed me back to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: A Roll Pin, a Ride and a Birthday

Sometimes this past week seemed really long yet the days flew by in a blur. Two occurrences made the days pass slowly. My husband had meetings most of the week that kept him from spending his lunch hour with us.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Just Another Week in Paradise

I just drank a pina-colada the size of a rainstorm so this might be a bit rambly. You've been warned. Well, the drink was mostly pineapple juice. Vitamin C for the day (or possibly the week)--all taken cake of. I indulged... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Kentucky Moments and Best Gift

Kentucky's Gubernatorial Inauguration was this week. We watched a program on state history and then viewed the parade on live television. In general politics does not interest me. This week's event interested me for two reasons: our Lieutenant Governor is Jenean... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: October Rain and Poetry

The rain poured the first part of the week and intermittently the rest of the week. We did find one dry-ish afternoon to wander down to the river. After two and a half solid days and nights of rain the river... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: In Between

I am so very glad the moving away part of this adventure is now in the past. The week was hard for me...for all of us. Sparkles cried nearly every day. Several times Littlest was curled up on the floor... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Caroling and Forty-Two

I think I will go on strike if next December is as busy as this one... Last Friday was my birthday...forty-two years. Our older three went to a program at church that evening leaving just Littlest with us. I almost... Continue Reading →

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